What if there was a place to make sense of your complicated thoughts and  unravel your tangled emotions?

We help clients understand why certain experiences weigh more heavily on their minds than others. We help people discover the impact of their childhood experiences. We help clients name the “why” behind the cycles that repeat over and over again in their lives. We point clients toward the door so that they can exit the cycle.

There is a place where you can look at your life without judgement and begin the process of desired change.  That "space" you need to pause and process your life can be provided through counseling.  

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Rae Marie MArsh, LCSW, BCPCC

Rae Marie Marsh is the owner and lead therapist at Yield Counseling Services, PLLC, currently serving North Carolina through virtual counseling.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor.  She's been serving individuals and families since 2006 and is passionate about walking with others along difficult paths.  She's skilled in leading others toward desired change.

For more information about Rae's professional experience, education, and licensure click here:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/raemariemarsh/

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